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Different Bedding Types And The Apt Place To Buy It

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Designing of the bedroom is an exciting thing, as it offers lots of creativity to do. You can decorate your bedroom in a different style with the help of furniture, cabinets, and decorative items like bulbs, lights and wallpaper. But, the main attraction of this room comes from the bed only. So, here are some bed types that will give an idea to the right one for your bedroom.

Four-poster bedding

This is a traditional form of the bed that was introduced in the 16th century, but it still finds a place in many contemporary homes. And all credit goes to its elegant and chic look. If you want to give a classic European look to your bedroom, this style bed would fit well. These beds are usually made from the oak wood and have four poles attached together. The bed has got its name because of this only. All four poles are carved to enhance the look of a bed. These beds are larger than usual in size, so, this if you a big bedroom, then go for it. The contemporary style four poster bed comes in metal material as well.

Trundle bed

The trundle beds are the one that are small in size and have one more bed attached to it which remains underneath the main bed when not in use. This bed is the most apt for those bedrooms that have limited space, the children’s room, guest room, etc. Though, the bed is small in size, but it offers enough sleeping space for people when it is opened.

Platform bedding

These are long-legged beds and used at the time when beds were not considered to have storage space. These beds are still not out fashioned and it can be seen easily in any house that has traditional looks. But, to make it more worthy, the manufacturers have added an element in it and this is the detachable legs. The long legs make the platform of bed stronger by offering extended support; the detachable legs allow to turn the platform bed into a box bed. This bed fits perfectly in a big house

Box bedding

This has a simple design, and this is the beds commonly seen in contemporary households and the core reason for its being so popular is the fact, that the bed offers ample storage space. The whole bed is made of one frame, with the option of side opening drawers and the top opening boxes. These beds fit well in almost all types of settings.

Where to buy?

If you are thinking to buy bed, then you can visit any bed shop in your city, or you can also check the online bed shops at Werribee to get the one according to your requirement and budget. Do you feel back pain when you wake up in the morning, it is probably because of your bed, and it has every role to play to face the blame.

Author:Rebecca Day