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Essentials When Going Camping With The Family

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Camping is one of the best adventures one can choose to go on especially if you love the outdoors and know how to enjoy it. It is the best time to get away from all that is stressful and test your inner scout. When going camping with your family though you might want to be extra careful with things especially if you have younger kids. You obviously would have to pack everything that is necessary and more! Here are a few such essentials that need to be included in your camping list when going camping;

Tent for shelter

Make sure to purchase or bring along a tent that is spacious and easy to set up. Unlike at home you can’t ensure safety in a tent especially from bugs, so making sure there are no damages in the tent and the zip of it is working perfectly fine, is essential. Along with your tent another thing that is equally important is, sleeping bags and pillows. Make sure you’ve got a few extras too in case something out of the ordinary happens.


You certainly would not come across custom kitchens in Sydney in the wild, therefore you wouldn’t be able to prepare food like you do at home, so if you’ve got picky eaters in the family make sure to bring pre-packed bags of their food. You definitely wouldn’t want your kids starving neither would you want to hear their grumbling, so make sure you’ve got everything you need. For the rest of the family members you could prepare quick meals from those canned meal tins you’ve got or you could even pack a few homemade meals that you had already prepared. Warm it up a bit and it’ll be as good as new!

Matches for fire

Although unfortunately you might not be able to test your kitchen makeovers in Sydney, that is back at home and is calling your name, you can’t afford to starve during your trip neither can you afford to freeze in the cold, so making sure you’ve got a lighter or a whole load of match boxes, is essential. Because practically I don’t think anyone could beat their ancestors trying to build fire by rubbing two rocks together, unless may be they’ve got experience with it in scout camp!

First aid and necessaries

You never know what could happen in the wild so being prepared to face any situation is necessary. Make sure you’ve packed all required medicines, bug repellant and even an emergency light. Being prepared with these shall not only keep you safe from unexpected situations but shall also make your stay comfortable.

Going camping with your family is certainly a wonderful experience to renew and strength the family bonds and find your inner scout. Pack other necessities you might need as well in order to have an undisturbed, fun and joyful experience!

Author:Rebecca Day