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Modern Designing Tips For The New Age House

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You may be conservative and possess a traditional mindset about life in general, but your house doesn’t have to be the same. In this era, people are all for modern interior and stunning exterior, when it comes to houses. Here are a few tips to help your house stand out from the rest.


Long gone are the days when houses were built with walls all around and small windows. Nowadays, people are opting for glass or wooden exterior. This makes the house appear more spacious and allows the entry of natural light spreading around the house. In addition to natural light, you must also ensure that the light fittings inside the house are unique and modern instead of opting for boring old light shades. If your budget permits, you could add in an extravagant crystal chandelier to adorn your living room.


Although curtains have been the primary choice to cover windows, blinds are also becoming increasingly popular. Options such as dual roller blinds Melbourne are replacing curtains in the living room areas by giving the room a more modern finish. Moreover, these are easy to use as you can decide the extent to which you wish to adjust it so that only the required amount of light can enter the house. The available color schemes are usually neutral shades such as white, cream or grey. However, you may customize your designs according to your preference.


The exterior of your house will create a major impact on those viewing your house, which is why you must avoid using the typical options such as solely wooden or bricks exterior. Instead, try creating a mix and match of different materials and you are sure to be amazed at the results. You could opt for glass walls with a touch of timber or wood, along with an adjoining brick wall giving it a rustic finish.


Design your furniture according to the theme of each room and choose colors which will complement the color scheme as well. Ensure that you add contemporary furniture with a classy look instead of opting for the same old brown and beige furniture. Experiment with colors and you might just be surprised. Try adding white furniture with a touch of teal or silver to complement a textured wall or the wall colors.


A modern kitchen to give you that master chef feeling while you whip up some eggs sound wonderful, doesn’t it? A classy pantry with all the essential cabinets and drawers will make your kitchen experience fun and convenient. Instead of adding curtains to the kitchen windows, opt for timber venetian blinds to avoid staining and hassle.Every house is different, but make yours special and unique by adding a contemporary touch with a few bits and pieces reflecting a piece of your soul as well. Check this website if you are looking for timber venetian blinds.

Author:Rebecca Day