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What Should You Use In The Kitchen: Tiles Or Glass Panels?

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If you want to make your house look beautiful your attention should not only be limited to the living room, bedrooms and dining room. You attention should also make its way to the cookery of the house too. Sure, this is not the part of the house which someone gets to see just as they walk in. However, it is where all of your meals are cooked and prepared. So, it is an important part in the house which deserves to be treated as an important place.One of the most important parts of a cookery which can also serve as a way to make the cookery beautiful is the panel you install on the wall above the sink or even behind the stove. There are mainly two options which you can use for this area of the cookery. You can go with tiles or you can go with kitchen glass splashbacks Sydney. It is necessary to see what each option has to offer before you come up with a final decision. 

Ease of Cleaning

The reason you do not keep a bare wall painted just like the rest of the cookery in these areas is the chance of water from the sink or food particles from what is cooking on the stove spraying the wall. When you have a transparent panel or tiles there you get a chance to protect the wall from any of those. However, when you have tiles the spaces between tiles are often going to gather a lot of dirt and grime which will make it hard for you to clean that space. If you choose a transparent panel you will find it to be really easy to clean as just wiping the space with a wet cloth is enough.

Room Decoration Options

Tiles come in different sizes and different colours. You can choose a tile which goes with the rest of the room. However, when you go for a transparent panel it can make your cookery more beautiful just like great shower screens can make your bathroom beautiful. There is also the option of getting these transparent panels in any colour you want or getting them sprayed to have a certain picture which can make the room more attractive.


The transparent panel is made using thick glass and it comes as a larger unit than a tile. Therefore, the transparent panel can last longer.Considering these facts most people come to the conclusion that the transparent panels are a better choice than the tiles for the cookery.

Author:Rebecca Day