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Which Countries Are Most Famous For Wine?

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While the number of countries producing wine keeps increasing each day, we can never forget the countries that were always known to produce the best wine in the world. People are naturally drawn to this drink especially if they are from a particular country that is famous for the production as it is considered as quality guarantee. In a world where this beverage is being produced in desserts as well, there are four countries that you might want to direct your attention to as the major wine makers and the owners of the best vineyards known. Take a look below.

France has always been the ever famous producer of wine in the world. However, even if it is known to be number one in the world, even going ahead of Italy, there has been a significant drop in production in the past few years. It has been recorded that, since the year 2007, there has been a drop in production from 11% although it still does remain as the major producer of the world. It is likely that other countries may surpass France in the near future.

Being the major competitor to France in this industry, Italy too has gained their fair share of praise when it comes to rich wines. Travelling across the country, you will be able to find much of this beverage placed on traditional wine racks in Sydney https://www.macphees.com.au/ in all its glory, inviting you to have a taste of it. However, just like France, Italy too has been facing quite a significant drop in their production. Although it is not as high as France’s 11%, Italy is still going down by a 7%.

Although Spain has been ranked third in this category, losing only to France and Italy, it still holds the title being home to the largest acreage of vineyards in the world. However, having a large share of land that grows it is absolutely no victorious factor for them when it comes to competing with France and Germany as they are quite low in these numbers. Therefore, whenever you shopping for this mouth-watering beverage from a display of wooden wine racks at Macphees, you might still prefer French Wine over Spain.

United States might be earning praise as the fourth largest producer of wine, yet it is California alone that helps the US to keep this title. 90% of it that is known to be produced in the US is done in California alone.What is your favourite pick out of these countries?

Author:Rebecca Day