In the excitement of new home, we usually forget the bathroom. Our main focus is in the bedroom as to what shall we have in our bedroom. Do we need to make a sitting are sot not, which paint colour do we want in our home, a furniture should be antique or wooden based, what would be the colour of kitchen, how would we set the tv lounge? Shall we have an independent sitting room or not. A dining area is attached to the kitchen or drawing etc.  

We do not take much attention in the needs of washroom. But, in fact it is most important place among all the places in our house. As we spend the best of our time. We have to go to the washroom as soon as we wake up in the morning. Following are the few things that we all have in our washroom in order to avoid all the inconvenience. 

  • Commode: 

We can ready daily news while sitting on commode. Some people love to explore the news from newspaper sitting on it. We need to see that a commode has wide upper lid so that we can sit easily and the flush tank is huge. 

  • Bathtub: 

Bathtubs allow people to have a good relaxing and resting time when we are back from work. At night, we can easily spend an hour in bath tub. 

  • Shower Cabin: 

There should be an independent shower cabin in bathrooms. The reason is that if we are sharing a room with someone, then we get stuck if we do not have independent area for taking shower, 

  • Accessible Tap: 

All the taps that has been available in a bathtub should be in a working condition. We all need water in bathrooms. We need water to wash hands and face and for other multiple purposes. A wash basin has an accessible tap placed on it. The water has come out in speed. Otherwise, it would take a lifetime just for washing hands and filling tubs. 

  • Handle for Old Aged People: 

We all have old aged people and sometimes handicap parents at home. To make their life easy, we have to have handles near commode and showering areas so that they do not rely on anyone for peeing or taking shower. They can go on their own for basic things. 

  • Toiletries: 

All the basic toiletries like, shampoo, soaps, shower gel, face wash, towel, hand towel, a loafer, tissues packets, tissue rolls, lotion and sanity kit all available in a washroom at handy places in order to avoid hunting for basic things. If you along with family has been planning for bathroom resurfacing in Melbourne  and want to connect to a reliable service provider then antique bath is a best place for you. We offer all the services at good rates. bathroom-renovations-install