Gardening benefits humans in various ways most importantly by providing us with food as well as clean air to breathe. The act of gardening does not only include planting of fruits and vegetables but also flowers for it’s medicinal purposes or simply because of the beauty it adds to the home or building. There are numerous reasons why gardening is good for the health.

Stress Relief

Basic home gardening is a great way to relieve stress. It is an outdoor activity which relaxes the mind and makes one calm. Studies have shown that gardening lowers stress levels in the body. This positively impacts the body by reducing risks of obesity, memory related issues and other diseases that come with old age and weak body. Professional gardening services Perth can simplify the gardening process and help regularly maintain the garden properly.


Gardening is considered an exercise which helps in cutting down unwanted fats in the body. Gardening is usually considered for the elderly and this is because it helps them keep their body active and healthy. It may not require strenuous activity but helps keep the body fit.


Gardening in community gardens allow gardeners to make friends with each other and socialize. Community garden can consider lawn and reticulation installation Perth to make it simpler for the elderly. And if they cannot make it regularly to the community garden, the reticulation system will ensure the plants are taken care of and aren’t left to die.

Lower Risks of Dementia

The act of gardening has a great impact on the health of the brain. This outdoor activity doesn’t only benefit the body but also the brain. The brain activity helps reduce brain related problems like dementia which is common to the elderly.


Gardening increases vitamin D in the body and this in turn helps keep the heart healthy and strong. Vitamin D increases the calcium in the body and reduces the risk of strokes and other cardiac issues.

Immune System

Gardening is often neglected because it’s a dirty and messy job. But even the soil that gets stuck under fingernails has a positive impact on the health of a human. The soil produces some nutrients which helps the immune system work better and keeps the person healthy and strong.

Mental Health

Apart from acting as a stress reliever, gardening has other positive impacts on mental health. This is the reason why many hospitals and nursing homes have included gardening as part of the daily activities. Gardening is a great mood booster and also makes a person feel positive about himself.