If you look at the local newspapers of if you look online, you are likely to notice that the crime rate is on the rise and that many houses, even those that are fairly close to you may have gotten broken in to. The reason that the crime rate is on the rise in this day and age is because the cost of living is going up by the day and it is becoming very difficult for people to survive. The sad truth is that many people who may have otherwise done an honest job, cannot survive on those wages and therefore, they are turning to crime and to breaking in to houses to get the money that they need to survive.

However, you will find that they will not break in to any house. They will watch the house for a few months, study the security that the house has in place and try to understand how long it would take for them to disable any burglar systems around, any cameras that are around and then break in, steal and get out of the house. Keep in mind that they do not have a lot of time to complete this task and the longer the break in takes, the bigger the risk it is for them. As such, they will only break in to houses with low security and those houses that seem to have a lot of money.

Upgrade your own home and systems

It goes without saying that the best thing that you can do to protect yourself and your family is to install better security systems and stainless steel doors to protect your home. A security system is usually easy to disable because younger generation of burglars know exactly how to break in to it. They are very good at technology and therefore, they know exactly what they are doing. For this reason, you will be much better off with security screen doors as they are much better and they require great strength instead of knowledge.You will find that burglars, after having watched the house that they are interested in for many months will usually “mark” the house to give warnings or information to other burglar groups. There will be signs for “have dogs”, “not worth breaking in to” or “high potential”. Make it a point to check your walls for small symbols drawn on them and you might be able to have police or experts decipher the markings.